Happy New Year!

The New Year is typically a time to make Resolutions that may last about a month and be forgotten- but hey, the intention was there, right? I’m incredibly guilty of doing this, too.

This year I’m going to change that cycle.

My husband’s birthday is in December and he does something similar to a resolution- he makes a yearly theme. He dedicates a journal to it and gives it a name. I thought that was beautiful and clever so I’ve decided to adopt that idea.

Unlike 2019, which was a challenging year,
2020 will be my Year of Challenges. There are thousands of challenges across the internet like Goodreads Reading Challenge, 30 Day Plank Challenge (that I only ever get less than 2 weeks in), NaNoWriMo, Inktober, or research and make up your own challenges; like an Eco-friendly-living challenge or a KonMari your house/life challenge.

I have a decent map of the year’s challenges and will post them below but they’re subject to change prior to the start of the month because life.

If you just want to see what history bounding project I’m currently working on, check out my blog

1. Four break days max are allowed per month. These are reserved for things like sickness, holidays, exceptional circumstances, moving countries, etc.
2. Must post everyday unless specifically stated in the month description.


Drawing History

If you know me personally then you’ll know that I’ve just started sewing early December. My sewing goal is to replace my fast fashion wardrobe with re/upcycled, local and handmade clothing. Preferably clothing that falls under history bounding, which is taking historical styles and adapting them to modern times. This month I want to scan historical periods, learn all about them and how/why they dressed the way they did- then history bound it via sketch.
Quick disclaimer: I’m not amazing at drawing so this is also used as drawing practice for me.


Sew Something

Continuing with sewing and in addition to my history bounding projects I’ll try to sew something little everyday. I have a months+ of resources to pull from but if you, the reader, have a cool idea or reference then let me know!


Upcycling and Quilt What’s Left

I have been slowly dumping all of mine and my daughter’s clothes at my mother-in-laws house over the last year or two. I want to focus on repurposing the clothing (and just general stuff) I have and don’t use anymore by altering it, quilting it (it’s hard to let go of Leona’s adorable baby stuff) or donating to people who can make better use of it than us.


Earth and Inhabitants

This month will be all about the Earth, its inhabitants and living sustainably. Throughout the year I plan on changing any damaging habits I may have but this month will put it into overdrive. I’ll be pulling from a book that Leona was gifted by her lovely aunt, who is an ecologist. I will also be researching and engaging in any opportunity to volunteer for the community and wildlife.
If there is any challenge I hope you pay attention to and try yourself, it is this one.


Get Outside

After months of French and German isolation followed by a few more months of sewing I want to get out. Everyday I’ll go for a walk and try to change my route as much as possible. The south coast of England is beautiful so I will also be taking one-second videos everyday and edit them all together at the end (another idea adopted from my husband).
I will not post the route because of obvious safety reasons.


Get Active

I originally intended to have active pursuits and food related challenges at the start of the year but with the craziness of 2019 I figured we’d need some time to get our lives together. June will be the month where I get out and do something active- yoga on the beach, aerial, swim, hike, rock climb, maybe even run. Maybe.



Any ideas?



Any ideas?


New Recipes

Each week is a theme (bread, pies, fruit, etc) and it has to be a recipe I’ve never *successfully* made before. I really, really enjoy cooking and baking so I will most likely have started this in my everyday prior to this month. I have a month-long list of recipes already but if you have any good ones then let me know!



I’ve considered doing something else for this month since I start the year with a month of drawing BUT since next month is NanoWriMo I’ll appreciate some type of creative prompts to get the ideas going. If you’re not familiar with Inktober this is what it is: each year has its own prompts/day. Draw your interpretation of the prompt in ink, post with provided hashtags.



The goal of National Novel Writing Month is to write 50,000 words of a novel in 30 days and to encourage writing fluency and education. I’ve started writing a novel about 3 times- yes, the same novel. I may try a 4th time on that one or use October’s challenge as a springboard for NaNoWriMo.



Any ideas?

General Goals

On top of successfully completing each months challenge, I’d like to achieve the following:
1. Aerial Performance
2. Byrom Family Annexe (this is a long story)
3. Get Leona involved in consistent social, mental and physical activities
4. Have date night regularly
5. All self-made, slow-fashion wardrobe
6. Produce as close to 0 waste as possible
7. Write two articles a week for The Sims Community
8. Goodreads Reading Challenge: 24 books

I don’t expect anyone to follow along or even care about what I’m doing. I’m doing this because it helps me commit and hold myself accountable. This is my journal and I encourage you to find whatever means necessary to achieve your 2020 goals.

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