I had a decent amount of fabric after my 19th century skirt (because of my preciousness in pinning/cutting) so I decided to make my daughter a matching outfit!

I was so pumped after finishing my skirt that I started on her dress the same night.

But alas, regular and small, fresher humans usually sleep at night so I had to wait until I could continue this project.

When she finally woke up we had a fashion shoot, here are two normal-ish ones displaying the mockup:

When making the pattern I basically winged it to see how good I have become when it comes to pattern drafting – the results are varied. It’s definitely not meant to be a two-piece but she didn’t seem to mind.

I didn’t take pictures but from there I added about 2 inches of white fabric to the front and back of the bodice. This time when trying it on it connected a lot better.

Like I did with my skirt, I decided to line her skirt with the white mock up and double up the white fabric for the bodice.

I also wanted the skirt to be less history official and more childlike so I learned to sew with elastic really quick to make a waistband.

Surprisingly, the whole outfit only took about a day to make – including waiting for my child to awaken as well as learning to use elastic (and tearing the elastic from an older pair of tartan trousers and then sewing those trousers into a monster of a skirt – not pictured).

My sweet child’s head was too big for the bodice and I couldn’t be asked to find, learn and sew on buttons so I thought I’d use the rest of the elastic to make straps with the red flower fabric scraps. Despite being an aesthetically pleasing move and totally frustrating it made no difference to whether or not I could easily push her 3-year-old head through. So I just took my fabric scissors and sliced down center back a few inches as she was putting it on and then … hemmed it? Made it look nice.

School has started back up and if you don’t know I’m a student of game design – so my sewing might slow a bit … or I’ll get all my work done first week so I can sew for three weeks? Either way, I’m incredibly indecisive on my next project and I have 3 pretty cool fabrics to use up so keep an eye out for that!

Also, if you want to follow my progress live on whatever I’m working on you can follow me on Instagram

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