Hello readers! I’m Heather and this is the start of me basically teaching myself history bounding and how to make my own clothes. If you know me or found me through social media prior to this post then you’ve seen the 15th century Kirtle I made early December 2019.
If not, I’ve posted progress photos below.
The kirtle documentation was impromptu so please forgive the drawn lines and text.

What I learned

This garment took me about 8 days and 55 hours to finish. I had just learned hand sewing and was incredibly inspired by Bernadette Banner so I jumped into the history bounding side of Youtube and found Elin Abrahmsson’s video on how to sew a Kirtle, then started ripping up bed sheets.

Maybe not the best way to start making clothes but it worked. I learned a lot through failing and researching as I went. Definitely measure everything at least three times before moving on to the next step and if there are instructions READ THEM ALL FIRST.

The pattern I used was a basic “rectangles and gores” set up that was based around rectangles, triangles and my basic measurements. This is Elin’s video that I based the project from. It definitely does not look like hers and my fabric is polyester whereas hers is wool twill. When I went to get the fabric for the final product I was a bit overwhelmed because I’ve never had to do something like this before and it was a very small, locally owned shop with one annoyed looking French woman working who spoke little English. I intended on getting a wool or cotton fabric but ended up with polyester, which is fine because it worked all the same. Learning about different textiles is on my list to research next and being more assertive with my decisions is definitely on one of my lists.

As I am writing this, it is the eve of New Years Eve. My husband has bought me a sewing machine and my family have all come together to get me sewing supplies (which is kind of amazing of them since I just started early December). I’ve already started another project and have made a smaller version of the kirtle for my 3 year old daughter prior to this new project (its made from a Paw Patrol bed sheet), so expect another history bounding project discussion post soon! Alternatively, you can follow me on Instagram and get live updates via stories.

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